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Im Bread, and this is my journal

Woa Man, Woa

Friday Mint Gregerson
18 February
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Hi I am Friday...
I have nothing to say about myself so i will tell a story

Once Upon a time there was a little boy who was afraid of the dark. His parents tried everything to get him to sleep with the lights off, His mom would tell him that it was pefrectly safe and there was no reason to worry, and his dad would smack him and tell him to stop being a little bitch and go to sleep. But the little boy would cry and cry until finally they turned the lights back on. Then one day the little boy met a hobo. The hobo told him wonderful stories about how when you go to sleep with the lights off thousands of beautiful fairies come in and perform amazing oral sex on you. The little boy didnt realize that the hobo was high on PCP at the time. So that night the little boy went home and tried to go to sleep in the dark for the first time in 5 years... And suddenly a gigantic hideous 7.32 eyed monster burst out of the closet. The monster was tall and slimy and had thick green ooze dripping from it's mouth. The great beast lurched foreward at the boy and performed really hot oral sex on him. The little boy couldn't see the monster, so he assumed it was a beautiful fairy. The little boy asked what the monsters name was, and in response he heard a gurgled "Claudia" and from that moment on the little boy was in love, his wonderful, beautiful, Claudia....

Then the monster leaned foreward toward the little boy and swallowed him whole.

the moral: dont trust people who are high on PCP...
Also, if you are alone in the dark and you feel something start to suck you off, think twice before asking its name.