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still alive   
10:46am 22/02/2006
  hey, turns out i didnt just fgall off the face of the planet... i just turned 18 tho, and thats almost the same thing.
anyway i have a new computer now so i will probably be posting again, maybe not, but its a possibility.

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07:57pm 09/05/2005
  I felt that it was necessary to acknowledge that i am fully aware that i havent updated anything on this computer for a long time, and also thatim going to be using the account happyvitamin more often than this one now, but im too lazy to add all my buddies from this journal to that one, so im gunna make you people do it, add me and i will add you back, those who never bother to add me i will simply assume either dont use LJ any more or dont really feel like reading my blog. I really wont be offended so if you dont want to add me dont be a loser about it. (IE dont worry)  

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06:01pm 04/04/2005
  By the way, I am alive, I went to asheville for spring break com mi madre, I checked out warren wilson college, it seems like a cool place to live, but academically, well, its no Vassar. All I'm really looking for is something exactly like Vassar but easier to get in, heh. Of course there are other awesome schools for me to consider, but they are all sooo competitive, why cant i like the nice friendly easy schools? I'm really not interested in academic challenge here, but Vassar seems sooo cool. BAH! BAH I say!
in other news, nothing is new. But I did buy some sweet shoesies. Ok well i am off to do work.

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01:47am 18/03/2005
  So since my last entry (which was marked friends only, in case for whatever reason someone who wasnt one of my friends was reading my journal - not that i mind, its just unlikely) was so focused on depressing stuff I wanted to make a happy list, (out with the bad juju in with the good)
this will likely be brief since im tired, but i will add more

- Sushi with dad (and the fact that we go so often the waitress and chef not only know our names but also our drink orders and our favorite foods from the menu)
- Picnics in Duke Gardens
- Layering lots of clothes that dont match
- Baking cupcakes with Liz
- Brightly colored straws
- My mom's goofy tooth brush
- Driving home from school down 751 on a hot day with the windows open
- Blasting tunes and rocking out in my boys underwear
- My boys underwear (yay tighty whities!)
- Activity Cards
- Knitting
- Really exciting poetic frases like "The blood-warm waters of the Carribean Sea"
- Reading good books
- My ghetto ass car
- Taking spiffy pictures
- Wearing Ham's hoodie (yea, so that's a little creepy, but it makes me really happy)
- Liz's bizarre brightly colored wardrobe
- Normal conversations with random people which really quickly become philosophical debates.
- Cooking things, when I'm good at cooking them (Tuna salad, fettucine, and Oreo cream cake are about the only things i cook well, but don't worry, never together.)
- Gary Larson
- Trigun
- Bunny!!!!
- Homo Milk
- When Sammy D says exactly what I was considering saying but didnt think anyone else would understand like "this lunch just doesnt feel right"
- Roque's rendition of "I feel good" OOOOWWW
- James from my juijitsu class, and his sparkly baby blue eyes, which make him seem so sweet and innocent, but then he seriously beats me up
- Those big translucent excersize balls
- Hot tea on cold nights
- People like D Bunn and Chaney who can get away with things that anyone else would be stabbed for
- That warm cozy feeling when you get right out of a hot shower, dry off and then dive into a pile of blankies and pillows
- The begining of Juijitsu when everyone is all cozy in fresh white clean laundry scented gi, and then the end when we are all damp and exhausted and covered in god knows whos sweat and really gross and sore but now its time to go home and rest and feel good
- Really tacky pictures of Jesus
- Homies (those little plastic 25 cent machine guys)
- Marble notebooks
- Writing down all my thoughts, which keeps me organized and really relieves stress
- Super Sexy high heels
- The groove in the back that the spine makes when you bend backwards
- Lymphnodes as big as cats
- Bonsais and mini Zen sand-gardens
- Yummy incense
- The Redneck Circus
- Playing dress up at home when no one is around to see
- Feeling totally comfortable burping farting and pretty much just being as gross as i want and knowing my friends will pass no judgements
- Soy-nut butter
- Sashimi: just a big chunk of uncooked fish on a plate (it's mmm mmm good)
- The time I convinced my brother to try a salmon skin roll (he hates seafood) and he coughed and gagged for 15 minutes
- Foreign Languages
- Honey
- Being really pumped about the stuff I'm learning in all of my classes
- Having a free first period=sleeping till 9 on mon. weds. and fri. (WOOOT!)
- The fact that my teachers are more upset about my bad schoolwork than my parents
- Pretend this is a list of (almost) everyone I know
- People like Shawn and Benjamin who are really only slightly annoying but somehow manage to ENRAGE everyone in school and become majorly controversial for very minore reasons
- That weird cold bubble gum stuff
- Thrift stores
- Dancing
- Scanning weird random stuff
- Really cool old people (not like, old old, just like, adult old)
- Melodramatic fights and stuff
- going to sleep (now) goodnight
-this list is SO long!!!!

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06:12pm 17/03/2005
mood: sleepy
Brief excerpts from the short story  "The most dangerous game" by Richard Connell

"Off There, to the right, -- somewhere -- is a large island," said Whitney. "It's rather a mystery--"
"What island is it?" Rainsford asked.
"The old charts call it 'Ship-Trap Island','" Whitney replied. "A suggestive name, isn't it? Sailors have a curious dread of the place. I don't know why. Some supertition --"
"Can't see it," remarked Rainsford, trying to peer through the dank tropical night that was palpable as it pressed its thick warm blackness upon the yacht.

Rainsford, reclining in a steamer chair, indolently puffed on his favorite brier. The sensuoous drowsiness of the night was on him. "It's so dark," he thought, "That I could sleep wihtout closing my eyes; the night would be my eyelids--"
An abrupt sound startled him. Off to the right he hear it, and his ears, expert in such matters, could not be mistaken. Again he heard the sound, and again. Somewhere, off in the blackness, some one had fired a gun three times.
Rainsford sprang up and moved quickly to the rail, mystified. He strained his eyes in the directions from which the reports had come, but it was like trying to see throught a blanket. He leaped upon the rail and balanced himself there, to get greater elevatio; his pipe, striking a rope, was knocked from his mouth. He lunged for it; a short, hoarse cry came from his lips as he realized he had reached to far and lost his balance. The cry was pinched off short as the blood-warm waters of the Caribean Sea closed over his head.

Ivan is an incredibly strong fellow," remarked the general, "but he has the misfortune to be deaf and dumb. A simple fellow, but, I'm afraid, a bit of a savage."
"Is he Russian?"
"He is a Cossack," said the general, and his smile showed red lips and pointed teeth. "So am I."

Yea, so this is a pretty good story, if you want to read the whole of it you can check it out here

Um, also the book Story and Structure by Laurence Perrine and Thomas R. Arp is very good, its a collection of totally bitchin short stories combined with little sections of questions and suggestions designed to help you learn to more fully appreciate literature, that part is a little lame, but the stories are all very good.

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12:23am 17/03/2005
mood: tired
The Meat is tougher than it should be, but ya know, that's the way life is sometimes.

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02:12pm 11/03/2005
  So I awoke a few days ago on a fine morning and was dismayed when i found this raving beast in my mirror:
i'm insane
its hillarious, normally im opposed to posting hideous pictures of myself where all the world can see, but this one was just too funny,
my hair actually defies gravity in the mornings
this reminds me, i need a haircut.

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10:55pm 10/03/2005

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09:43pm 10/03/2005
  Suddenly, it occurrs to me that im over tired and cranky, sorry to anyone i may have mentally violated during this period of blind rage. I think i will sleep now.

before i go, In Morrowind, when you are loading a game, they give you little tidbits of advice,

the tao of morrowind:

"If you are diseased, people will like you less."

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I was thinking about it, and this deserves its own entry   
09:34pm 10/03/2005
  Homo Milk  

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09:33pm 10/03/2005
  SO I was sick, and i didnt leave the house for 6 days, as a matter of fact i spent most of the time sleeping, and when i wasnt sleeping i was either playing Morrowind (Im not proud of it, but im not going to let my shame run my life, I have come to terms with the truth, I like geeky RPGS, and thats never going to change, its a part of me, just like being gay, so you might as well learn to accept it or get out of my life.) or on my way to or from the bathroom or kitchen. For this past week, Sarah Plonski's Life was pretty grim. But I had some time to think, reassess my life and now I can come back to things with afresh perspective  , and a lot of homework to catch up on, but im feeling good, im confident, I can do this now! (this is really all total BS, I still feel like shit and nothing has changed except i put on a few pounds, but at least i have gotten really good at morrowind!)

I wil try to write more often, but i may actually not bother at all, I have mixed emotions about livejournal, its a love hate things, and im hoping one day i can just make my own website and free myself from the embarassing mass of angst that the world of blogging has become. but until then, ill tell you i hate myself and you coment and tell me im wonderful :) k thanks buhbye  

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09:24pm 10/03/2005
  Note to all persons who have pictures of themselves and their significant others with sappy captions as livejournal icons:

PLEASE get a life, having a live-journal is pathetic enough, there is absolutely no need to make it that much sadder! I have been in good relationships, I know that little "OMIGOSH IM SO IN LOVE!!!" feeling, and i can understand why someone may want to show that off, but please understand that there is nothing original, creative, or cute about just resizing a picture of two people and then slapping on a sappy little "True Love" or "Together forever" saying that might as well be writting on a candy heart. Have you even taken into consideration the fact that maybe your significant other doesnt really feel that you are indeed "perfect together" maybe they are cheating on you, maybe they dont even like you that much,  BUT MAYBE your lives are perfect, and you two really are in perfect harmony, maybe the two of you even have matching icons, displaying your mutual affection for one another (BARF) did you ever once think about the miserable lonely people who probably see that every day and want to kill themselves because your happiness only reminds them of how miserable they are, or maybe they just want to die because you remind them of how lame the human race can be. why would you even want to show your feelings in the exact same way that every other person already has, do you even feel that strongly? or are you just dating the person because you need someone to be in your icon with you?? other people dont want to see how pathetically needy and dependant you are on the fact that there is someone else in your life, why dont you make an icon that says "I am not a whole or stable human being, and i depend on my significant other to fill the void 24/7 or else i snap, and i think that is cute." or how about "although my boyfriend is cheating on me with 3 other girls, i like to pretend we are happy together" or "I dont give a crap about this person but i think that if i flaunt our relationship and act as if he (or she) is a god then I can trick myself into believing im happy with my life" or "I met this person online". I think you all get my message, really, I have no problem with a happy relationships, but it isnt cute clever or sweet to have a stupid icon, it does nothing to improve your relationship and just makes you seem pathetic, nobody wants to see your lame uncreative icon. now go die.

ok, i am done bitching, sorry that this was long, obnoxious, pointless, kinda mean, and it went nowhere, i just stumbled upon one of those icons and it really pissed me off, a lot. Teenagers piss me off so hard it almost makes me wish i wasnt one, same goes for people. Livejournal is a warm sponge and angst is the bacteria that flourishes within, it becomes so overwhelming from time to time, and i needed to rant a little bit. I admit i am hypocritical, I can be angsty as hell at times, but at least i know it isnt a good thing, a lot of people seem to think it is actually cool, and that baffles me, truly baffles me. oh, and one more thing:

Homo Milk


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11:34pm 27/02/2005

Dino had a list similar to this on her LJ, and I got jealous and decided to make one of my own, but i needed to justify having 16 people on this list so...
My top 16 heroes:Collapse )


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05:58pm 20/02/2005
mood: cheerful
So Friday (the 18th) was my 17th birthday. I had a fucking sweet birthday party,

I dont remember that much about it but we spent several hours playing Super Mario World, and then we  played bear (essentially a slightly more complex for of hide and go seek, but its played with all the light in the house off) then we tried to play capture the flag, but it was more like capture the fag, and we all just gave up and went inside (also there were some cops driving around and eyeing us suspiciously) we ate a lot of munchees and watched anchorman, which is a FUCKING AWESOME movie. My friends are the more wonderful poeople I could ever have imagined and just when I think i couldnt have more fun all of a sudden Im laughing so hard that my back aches and i think my ribs are gunna snap in two and I really dont think I could love those people anymore, I actually dont think i could physically withstand even like, another (GENERIC UNIT) of love, I might explode, or implode or something, but nobody knows what happends when you OD on love because I am one of the few people lucky enough to feel what its like to almost die of love. wow, im actually such a  giant retard.

Anyway I got a new camera for my birthday, along with a jacket and some makeup (from my Grandparents), 1 and a half mixed cds (from Liz and Roque) some awesome socks and a little toy car (from Hana) and some really awesome chapstick and a hersheys bar from Sima. yea, my friends are so cool. Also on Thursday I was giving a happy birthday surprise cake (white cake with sprinkles, my favorite) by Liz and then a lot of other people, but im not going to list them because my memory is a bit fuzzy and im not sure who was there.

My life is so good.

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07:20pm 14/02/2005
mood: loved
So last year for Valentine's day I drew and Posted this comic, I really liked it so i decided to post it again this year:

But of course it's lame to just post something old, so I made a new one as well:

And just in case there are any Spanish speakers reading this (or for those of you who are big fans of Soap Operas in Espanol) I also translated it into Spanish  (badly).


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10:50pm 06/02/2005
  lots of 3's, this is uber lame, and im uber procrastinatingCollapse )  

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05:56pm 06/02/2005
       So a few days ago i went to a shrink, she was a fucking bitch (she reminded me sooo much of the fucking bitch math teacher at my school who is a fucking little brat who acts like a high schooler and never wears a bra and is really loud and oppinionated and I FUCKING HATE HER)  buuuut at least the shrink gave me an accurate diagnoses of what was wrong with me (we began the session with me telling her that i was a little ADD and depressed, and at the end she told me that i had a minor case of ADD and that was making me depressed.) so she gave me some Adderall, which is supposedly going to make it easier to focus, but we will see. 

     Other supreme things are happening also, like orange liquere truffles and me getting some action.

but today i have to:

do a take-home math test
write 10 journal entries for Am Lit
Finnish a photo project for Am Lit
go for a picnic,
go to hana's for dinner
attend a superbowl partay
i probably wont do most of these. (already did the picnic)

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01:40am 05/02/2005
mood: It feels good to be
Some very good things are happening in the life of.
Valentines day is such a cute holiday
Pink is one of my favorite colors,
I have to make valentines for my buddies!

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06:02pm 02/02/2005

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10:31pm 01/02/2005
  Michael Lee first saw the signs of schizophrenia in his identical twin in their late teens. Out of the blue, Malcolm began hallucinating that he was Prince Charles, even accusing their mother of kidnapping him at birth from Queen Elizabeth.  

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